WW 199

On a warm August day, shortly after baby Eli was born, I married my soulmate. Our family cheered us on as we exchanged our vows. We were pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Michaels and then we kissed. Everyone clapped and whistled…even Eli was cooing along. We then turned to face the crowd around us. Dad made us stand still so he could take a million pictures of us. (I’m exaggerating of course.) Then he and Owen disappeared for a while…they were off smoking a celebratory cigar, I’m sure. Mom cried a lot. She swore they were tears of joy and that she was just so happy that she was here on my special day. She said Owen’s parents would’ve been thrilled to have me as a daughter in law. Turns out my mom had been friends with his mom during college. It’s a small world after all. I caught Mom wiping her eyes and holding her hands over her heart more than once during the reception. It was an emotional day for her. I just wish my grandparents from her side of the family could’ve been there too. But other than that, it really was the perfect day…


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