WW End

Eli loves the ocean. To our surprise, he learned to swim at a really early age. Lauren and I jokingly call him our little fishboy. Speaking of fish, he enjoys fishing with me on the weekends as well. And when he’s a little older, I plan to take him sailing with me. I think he’s going to grow up to have a lot of the same interests I did as a child. But I won’t lie…it kind of worries me when I see him staring at the ocean so intensely. Almost as if he’s lost in a thought. Or when he babbles incoherently to the water’s edge…like he knows someone or something is out there. I’m positive that the threat is gone but it just makes me wonder. And I know I should be afraid after everything I’ve been through and everything I’ve seen but I can’t help how I feel…I’m still in love with the sea. The salt in the air, the warm sand beneath my feet, the breeze blowing across my skin. It’s like an old friend. I look over at Eli and see him cautiously digging his toes beneath the sand. He notices me staring so I give him a gentle smile and I say, “There’s nothing to be scared of…I’ll always keep you safe.” And I will…for as long as I live. I sit down next to him, snuggle him close, and we both watch the waves come rolling in. And we listen. Because sometimes, if we listen closely enough…we can hear the ocean speak. Softly…quietly…a song no one else can hear. A whisper from the waters…

The End.


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