LAS 62

“I want to go home. Please.” I pleaded with Finneas. “You can’t ever go home again. You are no longer a human, you won’t survive on land. Unless you want to live in a tank for the rest of your days.” He said in a matter of fact tone. “But I can make you very happy here…if you’ll let me.” He put his hand over mine. “You’re disgusting!” I shouted, pulling my hand out of his. He laughed and shook his head. “Strong willed, like your mother. You don’t understand…just like she never did. There aren’t many of us left. And we have to do anything possible to make sure our species thrives!” He walked over to where I was standing and put his hand on my cheek. “You’ll grow to love me. In time.” He promised. I slapped him hard across his face. “Never.” I sneered. He lunged at me and his hand closed over my throat. “You will.” He growled as I gasped for breath. Just when I thought I might black out, I saw blue pulses of light fill the cave…then I heard a deep voice. “Let her go!” Instantly Finneas released me from his grasp. “What are YOU doing here? And how did you find us?” Finneas asked, fuming. I looked over in the direction the voice came from and was shocked at what I saw. It was Loch…



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