JW 30


Blake came over to pick me up for dinner and a movie but things quickly went sideways once she saw Alice. “We haven’t formally met but I’m Dante’s ex. I recently found out that you’re married to him and you have no intention to ever leave him. And he’s okay with you tramping around. You two deserve each other! But you’ve got to stop stringing poor Nolan along!” Blake shouted. Well…at least she was saying all the things I wanted to say. “Wait. What?” Nolan asked, confused. “My personal life is none of your business!” Alice erupted. “Or yours!” She sneered, pointing at me. I gave her a nasty smile and cleared my throat. “As long as we’re all here in the same room together…there is something I need to say.” I paused. “I’m pregnant.” Nolan’s expression was unreadable. “Really? That’s great, Jane.” He mumbled. I raised my eyebrows at him. “Is it though?” I asked skeptically, motioning towards Alice. “Since it’s your baby and all…”


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