JW 31


Alice all but lost her mind after I shared my big secret. “You cheated on me, Nolan? How could you?” She yelled at him. “Technically the two of you were “broken up” when it happened. Just saying.” I added. She continued her rant. “You’re going to have to choose who you want to be with, Nolan! Now! And hopefully you make the right choice.” She sneered, giving me a dirty look. I couldn’t help but laugh. I turned towards Nolan. “I’m not going to be as petty as Alice and give you an ultimatum…but I refuse to be part of this “love triangle” any longer. I’m moving out.” Nolan’s face fell but I didn’t regret my words. “Call me if you ever come to your senses.” And with little more than the clothes on my back, I followed my sister to our father’s house. It was good to be back..


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