JW 32


I forgot how cramped it was inside my father’s house. Chase had been given my old room when I moved out the first time…but now that I was back, he was sleeping with Blake. It was strange being in my old room again with all of my old stuff…and my childhood memories. I’d taken some time off work so I had plenty of time to think back and be nostalgic. There were little reminders of Nolan all over the place. It made me miss him even more. He actually called every day…which led to my voicemail being filled up but I was still too angry to speak to him. So I ignored him. A few months later, I found out that he’d kicked Alice to the curb the same night that I left. I was kinda disappointed that it took so long for that bit of news to get back to me. Apparently Alice moved back in with her husband…they decided to “work on” things. Blake is doing good. She’s such a great mom and I hope to learn a thing or two from her before my little one gets here. And Dad is still up to his old tricks…and sneaking off to do who knows what. Oddly enough, he recently started dating again. Off all people, it turned out to be Nolan’s mom, Martina, who caught Dad’s eye…making things very awkward for me…


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