JW 33


Early one morning, I walked over to Martina’s house for a chat. I felt like she deserved the truth. Plus if she was going to be dating my father, then there couldn’t be any secrets between us. We sat down for a cup of tea and I told her a little about what’d happened between Nolan and I. But I left out all the parts about Alice. I figured Nolan could tell his mom about that mess. But to my surprise, Martina already knew everything! Nolan had filled her in the night he found out that I was pregnant! I’d forgotten how close they were. Martina seemed to have high hopes that Nolan and I would be able to work it all out. Her optimism gave me hope but I wasn’t going to hold my breath. Also she seemed genuinely excited that she was going to be a grandmother. She put her hand over mine and told me that she’d always liked me. It was a comforting thought. She said that she still had Nolan’s old crib in storage…and with some paint it’d be just like new. Then she offered to let me stay in Nolan’s old room since Dad’s house was already pretty full. It was a kind gesture, I told her I’d think about it…


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