JW 34


A few weeks passed before I decided to take Martina up on her offer. It was just too crowded at Dad’s and it’s not like I was going too far…literally next door. I quickly made myself at home in Nolan’s room. I looked around at all his collectibles and chuckled at his silly posters. Then I finally took the time to listen to all the voicemails he’d left me. By the time I was done, there were tears in my eyes. He’d said all the right things…everything I needed to hear. It was time to make amends…I would go speak with him first thing in the morning. I plopped down on his bed and moved around until I got comfortable. His sheets still smelled like him, it just made me miss him even more. Eventually I fell asleep. But sometime during the night, I was startled awake. I sat upright and looked at the clock…it was only 4am. I wiped the sleep from my eyes and stretched. Then I heard it again…the noise that had woken me. It sounded like someone whispering from behind the walls…


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