LAS 67


We used our savings to buy a piece of beach property and turned it into a private lot. It was worth every penny. And every Saturday, whether it rained or the sun shined, we went to the shoreline…and waited. Sometimes Eli’s extended family would come with us but most of the time it was just the three of us. Eli taught Seamus how to swim while I’d take the boat out and carefully scan the waves…until I saw her. Our daughter, the mermaid, with her tail glittering in the water that surrounded her. She swam up and I hugged her tightly. She smiled radiantly at me and told me that she had good news. Seela was working on a potion that would give Chelsea legs whenever she stepped out of the ocean. I squealed in delight. “That’s the best news I’ve ever heard!” She nodded and grinned. “I thought you’d say that.” I leaned back comfortably in the boat and listened to her happily chatter away. I felt as if a burden had been lifted from my shoulders. I would no longer have to worry about my family’s future…Chelsea would be able to live in the best of both worlds.


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