JW 35


The next morning as I was getting dressed, I heard the whispering again. The voices sounded…foreign. I walked over to the bookcase…the voices grew even louder. A green book near the bottom of the shelf caught my eye…it was faced a different way than the other backs. I tapped it and I was stunned when the bookcase popped open revealing a doorway. Nolan certainly had some explaining to do. Once inside the secret room, I noticed a large contraption in the middle of the room. The whispering was coming from inside of it! I reached my hand through and watched it disappear completely. What was this thing? A portal of some sort? Where did it lead to? I was intrigued. I noticed a suit in the corner and I have no idea what compelled me to put it on but I did… then I turned to face the portal once more. And without a second thought, I stepped inside…


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