JW 36


When I came out on the other side of the portal, I was amazed at my new surroundings. I definitely wasn’t in Kansas anymore, let alone Earth. My stomach was a bit uneasy from the trip, it was gurgling and rumbling, then suddenly I let out a huge burp. Much better. “Hang in there kiddo…we’re going on an adventure.” I said while rubbing my belly. Then I began my trek into the unknown, taking in all the sights around me. It was all so strange and mysterious. I climbed to the top of a hill and stared out into the bright blue water. I could see lights in the far distance…was it civilization? I was curious…but I wasn’t afraid. Not until I saw a figure on a hill and it was coming straight towards me. This was fun and all but it was time to head back. Of course I wanted to discover life on another planet…just not at this moment. I turned around and jogged back to the portal home. I could hear sounds from behind me…was the figure calling out to me? I didn’t want to find out though. I closed my eyes and jumped into the portal once more…


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