JW 37


I checked the time once I was back in Nolan’s room…I wasn’t even gone for a minute. Did time stop once I crossed through the portal? How odd! I quickly got dressed and made my way over to Nolan’s house. I had so many questions for him. I knocked on his door and he called out “Who is it?” I cleared my throat. “It’s me, Jane. Can I come in? We need to talk.” I heard his bedroom door open and footsteps towards the front door. “Come on in, it’s unlocked.” I walked in and there he was…down on one knee with a ring gleaming in his hands. “Jane, I can’t live without you.” I was flattered but right at that moment my stomach began twisting into knots, then my water broke. “Nolan…” I gave him a pained expression. He jumped up from the ground. “Hospital?” He asked worriedly. “We don’t have time, the baby is coming now!” I cried out, reaching towards him. He took me by the arm and led me to the guest room…which he’d turned into a nursery. I gave him a small smile of thanks before another contraction hit. Within minutes, the baby came. “It’s a boy!” Nolan exclaimed happily. I stood up and tried to waddle towards them. “Let me see!” He brought him to me and I gazed down lovingly at the baby in my arms. “Oh!” I gasped. My son was…green?


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