JW 38


“Nolan…do you notice anything “odd” about our son?” I asked while rubbing my temples. “No way. He’s perfect.” Nolan grinned. “Look at him! He’s green! This can’t be normal.” I hissed, pointing towards the crib. “It must have something to do with the portal in your room…I went through it and back again…something went wrong somewhere along the way.” I began to ramble while pacing back and forth. “Wait…you went through the portal?” Nolan asked, interrupting my thoughts. “What did you see?” I stopped pacing and tried to concentrate. “You know exactly what I saw, Nolan. And you have a lot of explaining to do.” I narrowed my eyes at him. “It might be better if I show you. Close your eyes. Just for a second.” I put my hands on my hips and shut my eyes. “I’m waiting…” I said impatiently. “Okay. Open them. And don’t be afraid.” He whispered. My eyes fluttered open and I quickly put my hand over my mouth to keep from shrieking. A moment passed and I realized I wasn’t even angry. “Our son is like you.” I murmured, gazing at him. “Is your mother like you, too?” I asked curiously. He nodded his head. “Why did you come here…to Earth?” He gave me a small smile. “A long time ago, a little redheaded girl made a wish on a star. She wished for a best friend. Someone that would understand her, believe in her, and love her unconditionally. I heard her.” He took my hand and rubbed it across his cheek. “I came for you.”


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