JW 39


The next few years were a whirlwind of events. In the beginning, Nolan had a lot to teach me about his species and human disguises and alien powers…but luckily I was a fast learner. Our son, Orion, grew up so quickly…time sure does fly. He looks just like Nolan and Martina…in both forms. But at least he has my freckles. While we were making wedding plans, we decided we needed to have “the talk” with my Dad and sister…I figured they’d try to have me committed to an insane asylum…but to my surprise, they took it all rather well. Especially Dad…he said he always knew there was life on other planets. And eventually when the dust settled, Nolan and I finally tied the knot…on his home planet. All of our family came and took in the sights and pure wonder of Sixam. Nolan and I sealed our love with a kiss while the people who meant the most to us looked on. Our wedding was perfect…and definitely one of a kind…how many people can say they got married on alien planet?


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