FM 5


When we got up the next morning and entered the kitchen, we were expecting to be greeted by a hearty breakfast. Instead we found nothing. Mom was standing next to the refrigerator, lost in thought. She looked pale and tired. “What’s wrong with Mom?” I asked Madison. She shrugged and went to the cupboards to get bowls while Mom stared off into space. “But I wanted pancakes.” I whined as my sister slid a bowl of cereal across the counter to me. “Just be quiet and eat.” Madison grumbled. When Dad came downstairs to get a cup of coffee, Mom seemed to snap out of it. “Another body was found near the creek this morning.” She whispered hoarsely. “It’s gotten so dangerous, Nelson. We can no longer raise our daughters here. We have to move!” She insisted, her voice growing louder. “Darling, this town has always been safe and it will be once again. Gallagher will catch the guy doing this, I know he will. Just calm down, Sharon.” He rubbed her shoulders gently. “We’re all going to be fine. I promise.” He should’ve never made a promise he couldn’t keep.


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