FM 6


A few days later, Madison and I snuck out of the house to play in the park next door. It was such a pretty day…we just couldn’t understand why Mom wanted to keep us indoors all time. It was summer for crying out loud! We were pretending we were pirates on a sinking ship when the breeze blew a foul smell our way. “Ewww! What is that?” I groaned, pinching my nose. “Maybe it’s a dead animal.” Madison shrugged. “Wait. I think I see something.” I said walking closer to the creek. “Is that a shoe?” I pushed through the bushes and found a small clearing. Right in the middle of it…was the body of a young girl. Madison gulped loudly from behind me. “Is that Holly?” She whispered. Holly was our old babysitter. It’d been about a year since we’d seen her. “I think so.” I picked up a stick and poked the girl in the leg. “Poor Holly.” Then something on the ground next to her caught my attention. “Look Madison! There are footprints! We should follow them!” Madison snatched the stick from my hand. “Quit fooling around, you’re not a detective! We have to call to call the “real” police now.” I crossed my arms and stuck my lower lip out. I knew she was right though.


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