FM 7


The same afternoon the body by the creek was found, Mary Gallagher came by to check on us. Our mother had been a wreck when she came to pick us up from the police department. When we got home, she sent us to our room for the rest of the day. Our bedroom window was open to let the breeze in…and we may have also been eavesdropping on Mom and Mary’s conversation. Mary confirmed that the girl that was found was indeed Holly. She was only eighteen years old. Mom buried her face into her hands. “That poor, sweet girl.” She moaned sadly. “How many will die before this monster is caught? What is Kolt doing to find the person who’s doing this?” Mom asked Mary coldly. “Everything he can, Sharon. I assure you.” Mary replied calmly. “And thanks to your girls, he now has a lead. It’s only a matter of time.” She said confidently, which seemed to cheer Mom up a bit. Mary sure did have a lot of faith in her husband. We all did…


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