FM 8


That evening, the sheriff made an appearance on the news to address the public. “This is Kendra from Live Five News and with me is Sheriff Gallagher from Willow Creek. Regarding the “Creekside Strangler” case, do you have a lead?” The newswoman asked him. “I can confirm that the suspect is male and we do in fact have a lead.” Kolt answered with a curt nod. “That is definitely good news!” Kendra beamed at him. “And now…if the perpetrator happened to be listening right at this moment…is there anything you would want to say to him?” She asked. He hunched down and stared into the camera for a moment before he finally growled into the microphone, “I know you’re out there. Somewhere. Hell, you probably ARE watching this right now. Like being in the spotlight, huh? Well, I’m going to find you. And you’re going to rot in prison for the rest of your life. In a dank, dark, hole in the ground. No light there. You can count on it.” Then he straightened up and thanked Kendra for having him. He didn’t know it then…but his whole world was about to come crashing down.


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