FM 9


Sometime during the night, Mary went missing. And by morning’s early light…she was found. Two joggers called in the sighting of a body near the creek…only a few houses away from us. Sirens going down the street woke us up. We found our parents in the living room. Mom was on the couch crying, Dad was next to her with his arm around her. We knew something really bad had happened. We just didn’t know what yet…
Kolt knew it was her before he even arrived on the scene. And he felt like he only had himself to blame for her death. He’d poked the proverbial bear…and surprise, the bear fought back. It was the saddest day in Willow Creek that anyone could remember. And it was also the day that changed the sheriff…forever. Kolt was later seen laying flowers where her body had been found. And through his sadness, a new feeling grew. Like a snake, it slithered around him and squeezed him tight. It was the feeling that would get him through the coming nights…without her. It was hate.

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