FM 11


The sheriff’s son, Thomas, kept us company on the couch while his dad tried to get in touch with ours. A little after midnight, our father finally arrived home…and the Sheriff had to give him the bad news. Our father was in shock as he listened to the sheriff explain everything. Then he assured Dad that he already had his best deputies out searching the streets and they were supposed to call if they found anything, no matter how small. Dad said he’d feel better if he was out there looking for her too. So after locking all the doors and making us promise not to go anywhere, they took off in search for our mother. After peeking out the window for the 100th or so time that night I finally turned to my sister and asked her the question that was bugging me. “Maddie…do you think Mom is okay? Do you think she’s dead?” I asked almost in a whisper. “I don’t know, Shannon.” She replied honestly. “I just don’t know.”


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