FM 12


After what felt like the longest night in all time, the sun finally came up. And within minutes we heard footsteps on the porch. I grabbed Madison by the hand and we excitedly peered through the glass to see who was out there. It wad Dad and Sheriff Gallagher…and they were alone. When we saw the looks of despair on their faces…we knew. They came inside and stood awkwardly in front of us, not knowing how to break the news to us. Madison squeezed my hand and we prepared ourselves for what they needed to tell us, but still…it hit like a freight train. “She’s not ever coming back…is she?” I whispered, looking longingly at the door. “No, sweetie. She isn’t.” Dad said sadly. I could hear Maddie crying next to me while Kolt tried to comfort her. “We found her. She’s with Mary now…at least they have each other.” He was telling her. But I felt the same way Maddie did…there were absolutely no words to make this type of sadness go away.


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