FM 13


On a quiet and sunny afternoon several days later, Sharon Casey was laid to rest. I put a red rose on her grave and spoke to her headstone. “I know you can’t come back. But I wish you could, I wish it with all my heart. I’ll miss you.” Then I sat on a bench by myself, waiting for Maddie and Dad to say their goodbyes. A few minutes later, Kolt came to sit beside me. “I’ll never understand why bad things happen to good people, kiddo. All we can do is hope they’re better off wherever they are now. And I bet they’re just peachy while the rest of us are milling around like ants.” He said quietly while wiping a lone tear from his cheek. “Do you really believe that?” I asked looking up at him curiously. “I want to.” He mumbled, lost in thought for a moment. Dad called to me, it was time to head home. While hugging Kolt goodbye, he whispered in my ear, “I’m going to find the bastard that did this to us, honey. Even if it takes me the rest of my life. I promise you that.” I squeezed him even tighter before letting go. “I know you will. I believe in you.”


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