SS 1


A house is but a house. It has a foundation that is built upon. Walls to protect all within. A roof to keep one safe from the passing storm. A hearth to provide warmth. But what if that foundation was…unstable? What if the shadows that danced upon the walls were…alive? What if that hearth never took away the chill no matter how brightly it burned? What if that roof only provided safety from the storm that raged on outside…but couldn’t do anything about the horrors within? A house is but a house…but what happens when it’s something more?

The Remington Estate is located in the small but charming town of New Mist, where it sits on the bottom of a hill…overlooking the sea. The salt in the air has gradually peeled away the estate’s paint but other than that, it remains completely intact. Just empty. The last owners mysteriously disappeared 25 years earlier. Some of the townspeople find this house an eyesore but most view it as part of the town’s rich history. Appearances are deceiving…



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