FM 15


The Creekside Strangler’s trail led Kolt Gallagher deep into the mountains. We all dared to hope that the sheriff was finally closing in on him…but in reality, it seemed the strangler was always a step ahead. I read in the newspaper that Kolt saved a woman from being abducted but in doing so, the strangler got away yet again. The very last thing I heard about Kolt was that he and his son moved into a cabin in Granite Falls. I think Kolt planned to chase the strangler to end of the world if he had to…

As for Maddie and I…we’re doing okay. Our father quit his job so he could take care of us. So much has changed in just one summer. We miss our mother…but sometimes it feels like she’s still with us. I feel like one good thing came from the tragedies we endured…I’ve decided what I want to be when I grow up. A police detective.


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