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I’ve lived an incredibly long life. During that time, I’ve seen unbelievable things and I’ve had to make unbearable decisions. Decisions that still haunt me to this day… and as a consequence, the reason why I’ve grown old alone, by the sea. Trapped in this estate with only my memories. But it wasn’t always this way…

I was young once. And happy. I was married to an accountant named Sheldon. He was a very serious man, but he adored me. We weren’t rich, nor poor…we had a very comfortable life in New Mist. We lived in a townhouse next door to the bistro on Main Street. It wasn’t lavish but it was home. I spent a lot of time by myself while Sheldon worked all day. I tried to keep busy by taking care of our home. But as the years passed, I grew more and more alone. More than anything, I wanted a child. My name is Elaine Crosby, and this is my story…


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