FM 16


I walked out onto the porch and the door slammed loudly behind me. “Oops.” I said to no one in particular. It was a warm and beautiful summer morning. I basked in the sunlight for a moment before gazing up at the sky. “Hey Mom.” It’s been almost seventeen years since she’s been gone, but most days I still feel her all around me. I sighed and strolled across the street to Dad’s law firm. It was my day off and I needed to find something to do. I peered into the large windows and could see my father and sister typing away at their desks. Guess I was going to sit around and watch them work. I plopped down in a chair in the waiting room and grabbed a magazine to help pass the time. I listened to Madison clack away at her keyboard and Dad argue on the phone with a client. I shook my head and read another sentence before flinging the magazine back onto the coffee table. Sitting at a desk and answering the phone all day seemed mighty boring to me. But the two of them looked perfectly happy. As for me…an office job just wasn’t in the cards. Tomorrow marks my third year on the police force…which means I’m up for a BIG promotion.


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