SS 4


Sheldon interrupted before we could go on any further. “Fortune-tellers…hmph. Nothing but scam artists. Wouldn’t our time be better spent at the cinema?” We walked over to the building to see what was showing, but nothing would be on until that evening. “Looks like our minds have been made up for us.” Hannah said with a giggle. “Let’s go!” We made our way down Main Street and at the very end, the road met dirt. To the left, there was a small clearing with several caravans lined up in the grass. Upon entering the clearing, we noticed a woman standing near the top of the steps of the largest caravan. “Welcome, welcome. I am Sharla. Please come inside.” She spoke in a heavy accent and motioned towards the door. “What is that smell?” I asked once we were all in the small room. “Sandalwood.” Sharla replied with a smile. “Who shall have a reading first?” She looked towards Hannah who could barely contain her excitement. Hannah plopped down into a chair in front of the crystal ball. Aiden leaned in from behind her. “Keep your fingers crossed that she tells us we become rich one day.” He joked quietly. Sheldon closed his eyes and mumbled, “I can’t bear to watch.” I playfully elbowed him in the side. “Just let them have their fun.” I chuckled. “Very well.” He said sourly. The crystal began to glow and Sharla peered into it. “I see great fortune coming in your future.” Hannah gasped and Aiden froze in place. She glanced at the crystal ball again. “Something big will happen tomorrow.”


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