SS 5


After our meeting with the fortune teller, we parted ways for the evening. Surprisingly, we didn’t hear from Hannah and Aiden again until nearly a week later. There was a knock at the door, then Hannah stood in the middle of our living room wearing a bewildered expression. Her mouth kept trying to form words but nothing would come out. I looked over to her husband. Aiden had made himself comfortable next to Sheldon, pulling out cigars and muttering to himself while shaking his head. “What in the world happened?” I cried irritably. “Elaine, you won’t believe it. Even I’m still in shock.” Hannah said dramatically. “My uncle died.” I put my hand over my mouth. “Oh Hannah, you poor dear.” I wrapped her into a tight hug. “I’m so sorry for your loss.” She patted me on the back and pulled away. “It’s okay, I never even knew him.” She shrugged. “Oh.” I was at a loss for words. “But that’s not what I needed to tell you. He left me everything in his will. His money, his land, his seaside mansion! We’re moving into it this weekend. It’s huge…I think there’s like ten bedrooms. And it’s all ours. Elaine…we’re rich!” I raised my eyebrow. “We?” Hannah grinned at me. “You surely didn’t think I wouldn’t look after my best friends? You and Sheldon mean the world to us. We can’t leave you behind. Sheldon looked up from his cigar, but his face was expressionless. “We’ll definitely think about it. Thank you Hannah.” I told her warmly.


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