FM 20


“So…what do you think?” I asked as I stared hard at the floor. Tommy grunted. “I think we’re homicide and this is clearly a vandalism case.” I shrugged. We’d been in the small cottage where a sweet old lady and her granddaughter lived for most of the day…it was getting dark outside now and nerves were being tested. “I’ll try talking to the grandma again. You look around and see if you can find anything.” He nodded and turned to the window behind him. The grandmother had been asleep when the sound of breaking glass woke her up. Nothing was missing. But there were weird drawings on the floor. I wasn’t ready to go back to the station unless we had a lead. So I tried talking to the granddaughter, Ginger. Ginger insisted that she didn’t know anything and that she’d arrived only minutes before we did. She looked really nervous. And it felt like she was hiding something from me. No matter how nicely I prodded, she shut down my advances and made an excuse to get away from me. If only people didn’t lie…it would make my job so much easier.


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