SS 7


“Let’s not put it up for sale.” I told Sheldon while looking up at our home through the gate. “It would be nice to come back to it one day.” He nodded briskly. “Anything you want, darling.” He said softly, kissing my cheek. He put our bags in the trunk of our car and then we set out for the estate. “This is it.” Sheldon mumbled when we came to a stop almost an hour later. I looked up in awe at the looming mansion before our eyes. Sheldon took a deep breath. I knew it was hard for him, being here, but he was willing to do anything for me. I slipped my hand in his and smiled warmly at him, giving him the courage he needed to ring the doorbell. Instantly, the door opened and we were greeted by the staff. “Good day to you, Mr. and Mrs. Crosby! I am Mr. Allen and this lovely lady is the housekeeper, Ms. Graves. We are happy to be of service.” The butler said while giving a little bow. “It’s a pleasure to meet you both.” The housekeeper murmured politely. “Welcome home.”


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