SS 8


“So it begins.” Sheldon muttered under his breath. “Mr. and Mrs. Jones are in the parlor waiting for you. Follow me.” The butler lead the way. As we walked, we looked around. The wallpaper was fading and missing in places. There were small holes in the floor. The stairs were missing a railing. But it looked as if someone were cleaning and making repairs. “Elaine! I’m so happy to see you!” Hannah squealed enveloping me into a tight hug. Aiden shook Sheldon’s hand. “I’m glad you both decided to come about. It’s all Hannah’s been talking about.” Sheldon gave him a curt nod. “Let’s all go put on our dressiest clothes.” Hannah said with a grin. “Tonight we’re going to dine in the finest restaurant…and we’re going to have the whole place to ourselves!” Sheldon rolled his eyes. “What’s the point in even getting dressed then…if no one is going to see us?” Hannah looked confused for a moment. “It’s a joke, Hannah.” I took her by the arm and narrowed my eyes at my husband. “Oh!” She giggled. Without another word, Sheldon went out to the car to get our luggage. After our large and expensive dinner, he seemed to be in a much better mood. He even mustered up the gumption to ask me to dance. As we swayed side to side, I laid my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. What a wonderful life.


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