FM 22


The next evening Tommy invited me out to a local pub called Patchy’s. He was having a drink and waiting for me at the bar. “We really don’t have time to slack off, Gallagher. We have a case to solve.” I said with a frown. Ginger’s ex was proving to be a hard person to find. “Come on, Shannon…have a little fun! It’ll be alright for us to relax just a tiny bit. As soon as we find this Brad guy, it’s going to be just like you wanted. An open and closed case.” Tommy beamed at me. “You know what…you’re right! Next round is on me!” Time flied over the next few hours. We knocked back several drinks and got all caught up on each other’s lives. I learned that Tommy had recently gotten divorced. But I didn’t get to find out why, because right at that moment, my cell went off. “Casey here.” I answered it and opened my mouth in surprise at what I heard. I hung up and faced Tommy. “That was the Chief. Our night just got a whole lot more interesting. There’s been a murder.”


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