FM 23


By the time we reached the crime scene, the sun was rising high in the sky. We’d been out all night. “See what happens when you relax?” I mumbled to Tommy as we pushed through the tall grass. It was a young girl…she couldn’t be any older than eighteen. “Poor thing.” I whispered. “Don’t you live only a few miles away from here?” He asked looking around. “Yeah. You can even see the roof of my house through those trees.” I pointed off into the distance. He grunted, then bent to examine the body while I looked around for clues. Footprints, clothing, anything…but I found none. Tommy jerked upright. “She was strangled.” He grimaced. “We’ve seen this before, Shannon. We read about it in the papers. It was plastered all over the news. It ruined our lives.” I blinked at him in response. “Who strangles young women and leaves their bodies near the creek?” It couldn’t be. “No.” I gasped. He nodded his head. “Yes. It’s either him…or a copycat.” I rubbed my temples with my fingers…just thinking of the possibility was giving me a headache. “Why now? After all these years?” He gazed out towards the creek. “Could be because of us. Maybe we have targets on our backs.” I felt a shiver go down my spine. “Luckily, I know someone who can help us out.” He said coldly, pulling out his cell. “Let’s hope he answers.”


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