SS 10


A month had passed since the initial shock of Hannah’s pregnancy wore off of me. I was still green with envy but it no longer hurt to be in the same room as her. And for good reason. On that day, the dreary fall weather outside had kept us indoors sitting by the fireplace. We were entertained with small talk and warmed by many cups of tea. Then Hannah suddenly blurted out, “Everyone in town says this mansion is haunted. Now I’m beginning to believe them.” We thought she was joking but her expression remained serious. “And why do you believe them?” Sheldon asked. “I think I saw a ghost…at the top of the stairs this morning. It had eyes in it’s hands.” She shivered for effect. He shook his head and sighed. “Ghosts aren’t real, Hannah. Surely you know that.” She grew irritated. “I know what I saw. Elaine believes me. Don’t you?” She turned in my direction. I cleared my throat. “I believe you think you saw a ghost.” Sheldon narrowed his eyes at me. “Don’t encourage this madness.” Hannah sat back and crossed her arms. “I can prove it.” We all looked at her, waiting for her to speak once more. She smiled smugly and said, “Let’s hold a séance.”


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