SS 11


We followed Hannah into the billiard room and sat down around a small table. “What do we do now? Should we turn off the lights?” I asked her once we were seated. She thought for a moment before speaking. “I don’t think that matters. I do think we’re supposed to hold hands and close our eyes though.” Sheldon grunted loudly. “Hmph. I love Aiden like a brother but I refuse to hold his hand.” He mumbled sullenly. “Darling, it won’t hurt you to participate.” I gave him a pleading look. We eased our chairs closer around the table and clasped each others’ hands. Once our eyes were closed, Hannah spoke to her ghost. “O spirit, we call to you. If you are there, please give us a sign.” Instantly there was a ear-splitting bang, then the room grew dark. We all jerked away from each other in fright. An eerie glow lit the room and Hannah clapped her hands excitedly. “I knew there was ghost here! Everyone please remain seated so that we may hear it speak.” She urged. But there were no voices, only a scraping sound and it was from very close by. I was terrified. “Hannah, this isn’t fun anymore…it’s rather scary. Can we please stop now?” She sighed loudly then got up and opened the door leading to the hallway. The lights immediately flickered back on and carved into the table in front of us were two words…GET OUT.


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