FM 25


We met Tommy in the break-room and after a few minutes of small talk, we told Kolt that we thought the “Strangler” was back in town. His easy smile quickly turned dark. He thumbed through the manila folder on the table. “Is this everything?” Kolt asked gruffly, eyeing Tommy. “Yes, sir. You don’t think we’d really hold out on you? Getting paranoid in your old age?” Tommy asked mockingly. I elbowed him in the side. “Come on. That’s uncalled for.” I whispered to him. “Oh yeah? You try putting up with his neurotic crap for twenty years.” He mumbled, glaring out the window. Kolt rubbed his temples. “I’m sorry if you thought I was doubting you, son. I just wanted to make sure I had all the facts before we continued. And I may be pushing fifty but I’m in better shape than you.” Kolt smiled smugly at his son, then winked at me. I blushed, and pulled the files in closer reach. “This isn’t a pissing contest fellows, let’s get back to the case.” I mumbled while fingering through the papers. Kolt left for a while and came back with an old cardboard box filled with all his findings from previous “Strangler” crime scenes. We pored over the files for hours, only coming up for air when we showed Kolt everything we had on our B&E suspect. “Ever think the two might be connected somehow?” Tommy scratched his head. “Why would we? The cases are completely unrelated.” Kolt shrugged. “Sometimes all you need is a fresh pair of eyes to find something you missed before.”


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