FM 26


Later that evening I used the phone at the front desk to call home and let them know I was going to be late. Afterwards, I sat in the chair for a few minutes and let my mind wonder. Shannon Gallagher…I liked the sound of it. Suddenly a shadow fell across me and jerked me from my daydream. “Ginger!” I yelped in surprised. “You’re not allowed back here.” She inched away from me. “I’m sorry I scared you, Detective Casey, but I called out to you several times. You seemed lost in thought.” I sighed and rubbed my temples. “Part of the job, I guess. I’m still trying my best to find Brad but it’s almost as if he’s a ghost.” I mumbled, shaking the mouse to wake up the computer. “Well that’s why I’m here!” She gave me a small smile and continued. “I know I told you that Brad’s last name was Rogers but he left a credit card at my house and the name on it is Brad Bennett.” I nodded while I typed the name into the system and my mouth opened in surprise when a result popped up immediately. “Ginger, you may have just cracked our case!” She grinned at me. “I’m glad I could help.” I pointed at the screen excitedly. “We’ve got his address!”


One thought on “FM 26

  1. Rosie

    Yes, Shannon Gallagher does sound wonderful 😉 Also, I don’t trust you, Ginger! She’s way too suspicious now. How does she not know her own boyfriend’s last name!? I wouldn’t believe her if she said he lied to her at this point, because she’s still acting super shady. >.>

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