FM 27


“Isn’t this your house?” I turned back to look at the two men behind me. “When we turned down this street, I felt my stomach drop. Figured maybe he was a neighbor. But this.” Kolt motioned towards the house. “This I didn’t see coming.” Tommy sighed loudly and glared at his father. “So some dirtbag got his panties in a bunch and made it his life’s work to torment me? But it looks like maybe you think I deserve it. Was I really that bad of a father?” Kolt asked him. Tommy just stared back at him without replying. Kolt shook his head and came to stand next to me. “Kid blames me for everything.” He said to himself. I felt bad for him. And Tommy too. I wished, right then and there, that I could’ve fixed their relationship. “Fine, son. We’re going to talk about this later.” Tommy laughed dryly. “No, you’ll talk and I’ll do my best to drown you out.” He mumbled before bending down and examining a flower bed. “Do you smell that?” I wrinkled my nose and turned towards the park next to the house. “Yeah. It’s something dead.” Kolt muttered darkly.


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