FM 28


We went around the side of the house and near some picnic tables, we saw her. “Another young girl.” Tommy said, shaking his head. “Why couldn’t it have been an animal?” I covered my nose to keep from breathing the smell in. “She was so young.” I mumbled from behind my hands. “I’m beginning to think it was a mistake to ask you to assist us with this case. Apparently this guy is obsessed with you and you being here is only going to make it worse.” Tommy told his father. “Maybe you should go back to your cabin in the mountains and let us handle things here.” He shrugged nonchalantly. “So now you don’t need me, boy?” Kolt sighed heavily. “What do you think, Shannon? Should I go?” Kolt asked me. “Me?” I gulped. “W-well…I think the strangler is starting again because we’re all in the same place. The first murder was after Tommy arrived, and another now that you’re here. I think you have years of experience that could prove useful.” I stuttered truthfully. Tommy glared at me then pulled out his radio to call back up. “That settles it then.” Kolt smiled looking from me to Tommy. “You’re both stuck with me.”


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