SS 15


Three days of waiting had me on the edge of my seat…but it was nearly over and I’d soon have the answers I was seeking. I thought again of the mysterious person I was supposed to be meeting that evening. Sharla told me that she would be coming from the ocean. My own curiosity lead me to the beach. I stood and watched the waves crash against the rocks. Then a small gasp escaped my lips when a mess of red hair emerged from under the waves. It was a woman…and she had a tail! She must’ve felt my eyes on her because she quickly glanced up towards the rocks I was standing beside. I slid behind one to hide myself from her view. She narrowed her eyes and scanned the bluffs once more. I’m sure she knew I was up there but I wasn’t ready to face her just yet.

I arrived at the address Sharla had given me as the sun was setting in the sky. I looked down at the piece of paper in my hand then back up at the structure before me. It was a cemetery…was this the right place? I shivered but knew I had to continue on. I opened the gate and went up the steps of the nearest building. I could hear singing coming from inside…



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