FM 29


“How’s it going over here?” Chief James asked us the next morning. “It’s going. Hope we have some good news for you soon, mam.” I mumbled politely from under my mountain of paperwork. I groaned and laid my head on my desk after she walked away. “Don’t worry so much, Shannon. We’re going to solve these cases. Just be patient.” Tommy tried his best to make me feel better. I smiled up at him and watched his grin turn into a scowl. “We’re definitely never getting rid of him now.” He grunted, nodding behind me. “The chief has taken a real shine to him.” I peered over my shoulder. Kolt was whispering something in the chief’s ear that caused her to blush and giggle like a schoolgirl. “Look at him…sucking up to her like that. Don’t you think it’s pathetic?” He growled. “Why does everyone keep asking me what I think?” I complained irritably. “Wanna know what I really think? You and your dad need therapy. ASAP.” Before our argument could escalate any further, I noticed Madison standing in the lobby. “Hey Maddie…whatcha doing here?” She smiled warmly at me and held out a paper bag. “You’ve been working a lot of late hours, figured you could use some dinner. Dad made BLTs.” That was all I needed to hear. As we were digging into our sandwiches, Madison mentioned how much she missed me so we made plans for a girls weekend at the spa. She kissed me on the cheek when she left. “Stay safe out there.”


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