SS 16


I quietly opened the door and stepped inside. The strange woman from the sea was peering into a book and reciting a spell of some sort. “I’ll be right with you!” She called cheerfully without turning around. I stared at her legs and wondered where her tail had gone. “Magic.” She replied finally facing me. “D-did you just read my mind?” I asked. “No, I guessed. Correctly, I presume.” She smiled widely showing sharp teeth. “I’m known as Nerissa. Now do tell…why have you called me here?” She inquired, ending the pleasantries. “W-well…the fortune teller said you would be able to help me. I want to have a child but I am barren.” I admitted timidly. “Ah, children. Joyful little creatures, aren’t they?” She paced the floor before coming to a stop in front of me once more. “And what would you offer me if I were to make your dreams come true?” She put her hands on her hips and waited for me to answer. “I have money…I could you pay you whatever you ask.” She cackled dryly. “Money means very little to me.” I frowned. “What do you want then? I’ll give you anything that I have.” I declared. This seemed to make her happy. She nodded excitedly. “Very well. You have nothing I want at this moment. But I intend to fulfill our bargain whenever I wish. It could be tomorrow or it could be 20 to 30 years from now. Do we have a deal?” I let out a sigh of relief. “Absolutely!”


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