SS 17


I followed Nerissa to her cauldron and observed as she threw some ingredients in it. “A bit of this. A pinch of that.” Then she stirred it all together. She chanted an incantation and raised her arms into the air. I watched with my mouth open as the room exploded into color. After it was over, she put her hand in the cauldron and drew out a pink glowing apple. She then offered it to me. I hesitated before reaching for it. “It will not harm you…I promise.” I rolled it around in my hand before finally taking a small bite. “It tastes…odd.” I mumbled. “That’s completely normal. It’ll only take a moment before it begins working.” She assured me. I nodded my head and noticed how the room was swimming before me. “I feel dizzy.” I put my hand on the side of the cauldron to keep from toppling over. But it was too late. I hit the floor with a loud thud and I could hear Nerissa cackling as sleep took over…


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