FM 31


“Thanks for meeting me here, Ginger…I really needed a night out.” I smiled at her warmly. “No problem. I was really surprised that you called, but I’m glad you did. Let’s do karaoke first!” She exclaimed. We were on our third song and having the time of our lives, when I realized I was being watched. “Ugh. I’ll be right back.” I glared in Kolt’s direction. She looked over at him nervously. “It’s okay, I should go anyways. Let’s do this again sometime.” She waved at me then headed for the nearest exit. “Are you following me?” I confronted him. “Why do the Gallagher men keep showing up everywhere I go today? Can I not have a moment to myself?” He looked down at his feet. I guess he wasn’t expecting my angry tirade. “There’s a murderer on the loose…I’m just making sure you stay safe.” All of my anger dissolved instantly. “I can take care of myself.” Grabbing my purse from bar, I took off out the door. The muggy night air hit me right in the face. “Oh darling, I know you can. You are a force to be reckoned with. But at least let me walk you home.” Kolt said coming up next to me, holding his arm out. I nodded and looped my arm through his. The short walk home was silent but once we reached my front door, I was in a much better mood. “Tomorrow night, if we are able to pull ourselves away from work, we should go out. I promise it’ll be the most fun you’ve ever had.” He winked at me. “You’re on, cowboy.” Then he took my hands and kissed them. “Until then, darling.”


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