SS 18


The sound of rain drumming the roof woke me from my deep sleep. I looked over at Sheldon snoring next to me. I didn’t even remember getting into bed last night. I rubbed my throbbing temples then walked over to the window. My whole body ached and so many thoughts ran through my head as I clutched my stomach…When did the leaves begin changing colors? How had I not noticed autumn’s arrival? How long had I slept? Sheldon sat up and turned on the lamp. “Good morning, sweetheart. Did you sleep well?” I didn’t get to answer him because right at that moment my stomach gurgled causing me to gag. “S-something is wrong.” I managed to say before making a run for the bathroom. After I finished retching, Sheldon handed me a glass of water. He looked alarmed. “Elaine, do we need to call for a doctor?” He asked. I thought long and hard. Then I saw her face…and remembered. Nerissa. “I may be wrong but I think it was merely morning sickness.” My husband gave me a puzzled expression. “Sheldon…I believe I’m with child.”


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