FM 34


The weekend came and went without any sign of Madison. Monday morning, my Dad and I went down to the station and filed a missing person’s report. I planned to take the rest of the day off in case Maddie happened to show up or call but unfortunately, I got into a fight with my father right after we got home. I know we were both stressed and upset…but he wanted to call the funeral home for pricing. It made me so angry that he could just give up hope so soon. We didn’t know all the details! And there wasn’t even a body to bury! I quickly changed my clothes and headed back to the station to file some paperwork. My stack of unsolved cases was getting thicker and sitting on my butt at home wasn’t going to help anything. I pounded a few hours away at the keyboard until I took notice of my computer’s screensaver…it was a picture of me, Maddie, and Dad. All smiling…all so happy. I began to sob. Then I heard Kolt’s voice in my ear. “Darling, you should be at home today.” I looked up at him through my tears. “I just couldn’t s-stay there.” He nodded solemnly. He motioned for me to follow him to the locker room. “Do you really think the strangler has her?” I blurted out once we got there. “What if the last time I saw her, she was begging me to spend time with her? How am I going to be able to live with myself if she dies?” Before I could say anything else, he’d pulled me close and held me tightly until no more tears came.


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