SS 21


“Oh Elaine, that’s wonderful news! I bet Sheldon is thrilled! Our kids will grow up together…and hopefully be best friends just like you and me.” She smiled while rubbing her belly. I’d finally told Hannah that I was expecting and she seemed genuinely happy for me. “Do you have any names picked out yet?” I asked. “We were thinking of Jonah for a boy…” She was interrupted by a loud sob from nearby. “Did you hear that? It sounds like a girl.” I opened the bedroom door and walked towards the steps leading to the attic with Hannah trailing closely behind me. Sure enough, there was girl standing in the corner at the end of the hall. “How did she get in here unseen by any of us?” I thought to myself. “Excuse me but this is private property and I’m sorry, but you’ll have to leave.” I said kindly. Then I noticed the fog seeping through the walls. “Elaine…don’t.” Hannah whispered from next to me. “Get away from her.” I glanced over at her…she looked terrified. Suddenly the girl turned around and faced us. She was as white as a sheet and her eyes…they were as black as night. She took a step towards me…the look on her face made me think she meant to do me harm. Hannah cowered next to the wall before darting off to her bedroom, then closing and locking the door behind her. “Hannah!” I shouted, backing away from the girl slowly. The girl reached her hand out towards me and I ran as fast as I could to get away from her. And like a child, I hid under my bed. I stayed there until Sheldon found me and told me they searched the whole grounds…and couldn’t find a girl anywhere.


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