FM 36


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It’d been a really long day. And I felt so hollow inside. Kolt tried to talk me into going home with him that evening but I had other plans. Ginger wanted me to come over because she had something to ask me. When we got into her room she turned to me and asked, “Why haven’t you arrested Brad yet?” It sounded like an accusation. “I would if I could find him, Ginger. You know that.” I sighed. She gave me and odd look then started talking again. “I met him in a club and within a week he was living with me and Granny. It was great for a while but I couldn’t tolerate him being mean to Granny. He threatened her! So he had to go. And well, you know the rest. He’s violent.” I was tired and I didn’t understand was she was getting at. I nodded and she continued talking. “I thought he would recognize me that night we sang karaoke, that’s why I made a run for it. I figured maybe you were undercover but I followed you home…and you were flirting with him! Just be careful, Shannon. Don’t make the same mistakes I did. He’ll charm your pants off then try to ruin your life.” My heart stilled in my chest. “Wait…what? Are you talking about Kolt? He’s my partner. What does any of this have to do with him?” I asked, furrowing my brows. “Kolt?” She sounded the name out. “No. That’s not right. The hair is different.  But the eyes…they are the same. I would know them anywhere. Kolt is Brad.” Then she pulled her phone out and showed me the proof.



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