SS 23


“Please help us get rid of these spirits! I know you can!” Hannah insisted. “Can’t you do some kind of cleansing ritual? Or a even an exorcism? We’re desperate!” Sharla shook her head. “That is out of my area of expertise. There is nothing I can do for you, except offer you my advice. Which is to leave as fast as your legs can carry you.” Hannah groaned and rubbed her temples. “Are there any other parts of the house that are a danger to us?” Hannah asked curiously. “Surely you won’t stay here?” Sharla raised her eyebrows. Hannah merely shrugged.
It was evening by the time Sharla searched every nook and cranny of the manor…still her answer was the same. “You all should leave here…tonight.” It was a rare sight to see Hannah angry but in that moment, she was furious. “I do not accept that!” She screamed in Sharla’s face. “I understand you are upset. I am full of regret that I can’t do more. I wish you all the best.” Then we watched in silence as she walked out the front door, it slamming behind her. Hannah burst out into tears. “We’ve put all our money and everything we own into this place…we even sold our house in town. If we leave, we have nowhere to go and nothing to our name.” I was so glad we hadn’t done the same. “You both could come stay with us.” I offered. Then I felt Sheldon’s elbow in my side. “If only we had the room.” He pointed out. “It’ll be dark soon, we should leave first thing in the morning. I think we can handle one last night here.” Aiden said confidently while lighting a cigar. “You’re right.” Hannah agreed, wiping away her tears. “And we’re gonna go out and have fun instead of staying cooped up in here the whole time. Everyone go get dressed!”

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