SS 24


While we waited on the porch for Hannah and Aiden to get ready, Sheldon confronted me about leaving once more. He took me by the shoulders and gently shook me. “Elaine, wake up. We cannot stay here any longer. If we must, we can go out and do these frivolous things like Hannah wants but when we get back, we’re going home. Do you understand?” I nodded my head in agreement. “Yes. You’re right, dear. As soon as we get back.” The door shut loudly and Hannah announced, “It’s time to go! Let’s have some fun!” We made our way to the top of the front steps and stood there…for a moment too long. Aiden looked over at us nervously. “Anyone else having trouble moving their feet forward? I can move back all I want to but I can’t walk down the steps.” We all nodded in disbelief and moved back to the porch. “It felt like quicksand.” Hannah stated. “That’s what Sharla said earlier! It didn’t want her to come in and it doesn’t want us to leave now. But she was able to leave in the end. Why can’t we?” I asked. “Maybe the house didn’t want her…like it wants us.” Hannah whispered quietly. Sheldon sighed and rubbed his temples. He was becoming very frustrated. “We should’ve left this morning. But no, we had to stay for just one more day! Now look at us. We’re trapped here! For who knows how long.” Sheldon glared at Hannah. Maybe it was my hormones…but I began to cry. “I guess that means things are back to being my fault again.” Hannah said while rolling her eyes. This time I had to agree with Sheldon. “Maybe because it IS your fault.” I hissed through my tears then I stomped off to my bedroom to be alone.


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